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The website for Skiathos Landings and vacations. Here you can find all information you need if you are a simple visitor for your vacations but also if you are aviation professional or just aviation enthusiast.

First of all we like to make clear the skiathoslandings.com is not a website suggesting people to stand behind engines jetblast during take-off. Actually we advise the visitors at Skiathos to stay clear/away from jetblast and not stand behind airplanes during take-off. This is not the spertacular part of Skiathos airport scene.

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8 February 2017

Skiathos new capacity for summer 2017

With the new apron in operation since last summer, the capacity of the airport for 2017 officially doubled. According to published parking positions, till end of 2016, the capacity of…

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25 January 2017

Skiathos Airport Traffic (September 2016)

Increase of traffic at Skiathos airport during September 2016 compared to 2015. Below Skiathos traffic analysis for September 2016: Skiathos traffic September 2016 (compared 2015) by country:

Our News
9 January 2017

Skiathos airport in snow

Heavy winter this year in Skiathos! Low temperature and a lot of snow falling for 38+ hours continuously, during the early days of the new year 2017, covered the runway…

Many people using the title “European Saint Maarten” for Skiathos, because of the spectacular landings of airplanes very close to the people. The correct title for Saint Maarten sould be “The Caribbean Skiathos”…

There are two points that Saint Maarten is known all over the world. First of all is the capability of the airport to accommodate the “Queen of the Skies” the Boeing 747. It is not the biggest civil aircraft anymore but it is a legend. So Saint Maarten is a place that you are able to see a B747 in flight than any other place in the world. Second is the all-year round airport traffic.

Skiathos airport unfortunately is a seasonal airport with flights between April and October. The biggest airplane here is a Boeing 757 BUT the scenery of the airplanes flying for landing in Skiathos is much more spectacular that Saint Maarten as you will see from that website or verify it by your self uppon your visit!

Since there is a lot of incorrect information about Skiathos airport you are invited to visit SKIATHOS & AVIATION section in order to clarify few details.