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The website for Skiathos Landings and vacations. Here you can find all information you need if you are a simple visitor for your vacations but also if you are aviation professional or just aviation enthusiast.

First of all we like to make clear the skiathoslandings.com is not a website suggesting people to stand behind engines jetblast during take-off. Actually we advise the visitors at Skiathos to stay clear/away from jetblast and not stand behind airplanes during take-off. This is not the spertacular part of Skiathos airport scene.

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Summer 2021
12 August 2021

TUI Air B737 MAX 8, “Skiathos” arrived in… Skiathos!

TUI Air brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 with registration G-TUMH was named “Skiathos” during spring of 2019. Unfortunately the plane was waiting at Boeing Field airport (KBFI/BFI) to be…
Summer 2021
21 July 2021

First flight from Netherlands for 2021!

Yes, finally the first flight from Netherlands arrived in Skiathos on 20 July 2021. It was Transavia HV-1861 arrived from Amsterdam with Boeing 737-800 (PH-HSJ) and departed as HV-1861 back…
Summer 2021
14 July 2021

Flights from Cyprus to Larnaca for 2021 – TUS Airways first flight

On Monday 12 July 2021 first flight of TUS Airways arrived from Larnaca in Skiathos. The flight CYF-852/853 arrived with the new Airbus A320 of TUS Airways (5B-DDL). TUS Airways…

Many people using the title “European Saint Maarten” for Skiathos, because of the spectacular landings of airplanes very close to the people. The correct title for Saint Maarten sould be “The Caribbean Skiathos”…

There are two points that Saint Maarten is known all over the world. First of all is the capability of the airport to accommodate the “Queen of the Skies” the Boeing 747. It is not the biggest civil aircraft anymore but it is a legend. So Saint Maarten is a place that you are able to see a B747 in flight than any other place in the world. Second is the all-year round airport traffic.

Skiathos airport unfortunately is a seasonal airport with flights between April and October. The biggest airplane here is a Boeing 757 BUT the scenery of the airplanes flying for landing in Skiathos is much more spectacular that Saint Maarten as you will see from that website or verify it by your self uppon your visit!

Since there is a lot of incorrect information about Skiathos airport you are invited to visit SKIATHOS & AVIATION section in order to clarify few details.

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The focus point of what we call aviation industry is the airplane. If you are not aviation related person (working in aviation industries for i.e. etc) to be close to an airplane is something impressive. Impressive becomes exiting when you find yourself close to an airplane in flight!!! This is the reason why people love Air Shows and similar aviation activities all over the world. The daily operation of few airports around the world for the eyes of non-aviation people looks something similar to an Air Show. Those airports many, many times rated as most dangerous airport in the world. This is because they are offering a complete different view that normal airport. Some examples are Skiathos, Saint Maarten, Barra, Lukla, Pokara, Paro, McMurdo Ice Strip, St Bath and many more…

Important notice: Even in the Air Shows those “crazy things” that airplanes doing are not so craze as they look. Air Show pilots are well trained, in dedicated aviation academies, and each one of the “crazy thinks” you see above your head is based to the limits of manufacturer! So even here there are no crazy or dangerous issues. Just impressive!!!

The knowledge of aviation industry today is extremely huge. That experience coming out of million flight hours and supporting operations. The result of that experience is the procedures. Written procedures for global standardization, to all degrees of the earth, with a single target. To archive SAFETY. Those procedures are so strict, that sometimes looks to the public as unreasonable… But they are exist, they become more strictly after every accident trying to prevent each next one and avoid it.

As a result is aviation world



Even the most “crazy” airport you can name, operations of airplanes based on specific procedures. If something is DANGEROUS in this planet cannot be licensed as AIRPORT.

There is no danger for a landing airplane if it flies over you. YOU NAN ENJOY IT!

There is no danger for an airplane during take-off if you standing behind it. YOU may have!

So any danger is YOURS! There is no danger for the airport, the planes and the passengers!