Weekly Flight Schedule of Skiathos of last (recent week)
After many requests for more accurate, detailed and easy to read timetable of Skiathos airport,  we are publishing the latest week actual flight schedule. Usually till the end of August expect the same or increased number of flights, week by week. After 28th of August expect reducing of flights week by week. By early April 2018 weekly updates on timetable can be found here.

Weekly Flight Schedule of Skiathos (Version 2018.02)
(last update on June 17, 2018 all times are UTC for local time +03:00)

Expect many changes. Red are canelled flights. Blue/Italic are pending for confirmation, possibility to operate. Green text are changes noticed few days before of the first day of operation etc. Expect next update by end of June.

Flight schedule Summer 2017 by Airline/Weekly flights can be found HERE.

Flight schedules from the past can be found on TRAFFIC STATISTICS section.