Summer 2019

Holy Flame transfer at Skiathos 2019

For one more Easter transfer of Holy Flame from Athens to Skiathos performed by Life Line Aviation charter flight.
This year flight LLK-401 arrived at Skiathos on Saturday night by Cessna 550 Citation II (registration SX-FDA).

Holy Flame flew by Hellenic Air Force Embraer 145 rom Tel-Aviv to Elefsis Air Force Base, then transferred by road to Athens International airport.

AEGEAN and Olympic Air transfered the Holy Flame to 14 Greek destinations with the following flights.
Exclusive charter flights/routes for the Holy Flame transfer:
Athens-Ioannina-Kefalonia-Zakynthos (flight retuned then to Athens)
Athens-Samos-Mykonos (flight retuned then to Athens)
Athens-Larissa (flight retuned then to Athens)
Holy Flame charter by scheduled flights: Santorini, Mitilini, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Alexandroupolis, Heraklion, Limnos and Chios.

Sky Express transfered the Holy Flame with scheduled flights to: Corfu, Chania and Kos and with an exclusive charter flight to Karpathos.

Global Aviation S.A. (Pilots Flight School) flew with PA-28 (registration SX-AKJ) IFR from Athens to Kythira for the Holy Flame.

Below night shot of the Cessna 550 Citation II during landing at Skiathos runway 01 with Skiathos town at the background.