Skiathos airport traffic 1Q2017

For all Greek airports

During first quarter of 2017 traffic in terms of passengers increased by 6,6% to 5.980.112 compared with 5.611.578 of equal period 2016 (increase of 328.534 passengers).

However the above numbers served by -1.4% number of flights.

Domestic traffic reduced by -3.7% while international increased by 2.4%.

Paros, Mykonos and Skiathos airports notice the greatest increase of traffic.

  • Paros Airport (PAS/LGPA) 10.313 passengers +114,5%
  • Mykonos Airport (JMK/LGMK) 39.515 passengers +98,9%
  • Skiathos Airport (LGSK/JSI) 2.792 passengers +62.7%


Skiathos Airport

The increase of passenger traffic during winter 2017 (Jan, Feb Mar) is a result of four weekly flights instead of two in the previous years.

Sky Express extra two flights increase the traffic up to 2.792 passengers compared with 1.716 passengers of same period 2016.

More details about Sky Express flights started October 2016 can be found here.