The focus point of what we call aviation industry is the airplane. If you are not aviation related person (working in aviation industries for i.e. etc) to be close to an airplane is something impressive. Impressive becomes exiting when you find yourself close to an airplane in flight!!! This is the reason why people love AirShows and similar aviation activities all over the world. The daily operation of few airports around the world for the eyes of non-aviation people looks something similar to an AirShow. Those airports many, many times are rated as most dangerous airport in the world. This is because they are offering a complete deferent view than normal airport. Some examples are the airports of Skiathos, Saint Maarten, Barra, Lukla, Pokara, Paro, McMurdo Ice Strip, St Bath and many more…

Importan notice: Even in the AirShows those “crazy things” that airplanes are doing are not so crazy as they look. Air Show pilots are well trained, in dedicated aviation academies, and each one of the “crazy thinks” you see above your head is based to the limits of manufacturer! So even here there are no crazy nor dangerous issues. Just impressive!!!

The knowledge of aviation industry today is extremely huge. That experience coming out of million flight hours and supporting operations, leeds to procedures. Written procedures for global standardization to all degrees of the earth to archive SAFETY. Those procedures are so strict, that sometimes looks to the public as unreasonable… But they exist, they become more strictly after every accident trying to prevent each next one and avoid it.

As a result is aviation world



Even the most “crazy” airport you can name, operations of airplanes based on specific procedures. If something is DANGEROUS in this planet cannot be licensed as AIRPORT.

There are several subcategories for aviation in Skiathos and in the near future more will add. As of July 2016 our are active as follows:

[Mainly for aviation enthusiasts but not only…]. Main purpose of Flight Board on our website is to inform the visitors passing through finals when there is inbound flight. Many people, even if they don’t know in advance how a landing in Skiathos runway 02 looks like, when driving close to the seaside road stop till next landing. Because we don’t have Heathrow traffic (unfortunately) sometimes people has to wait for hours. That demand create the idea of Flight Board. You can find here the flight schedule of Skiathos airport. Sometimes there are operators feeding this board with live data. Everyone can join the operators team by sending an e-mail with a message “Join Flight Board”.

[For private pilots] Here you can find basic information about the airport general data, procedures and contacts.

On this section there are traffic statistics of airport traffic from the past.

[Simulator] Here you can find information regarding flight simulator and Skiathos airport. So you will be able to see who is flying virtual from/to Skiathos and is an ATC is open at the airport.