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(Updated April 3, 2019)

Skiathos “Alexandros Papadiamantis” airport is located 2 km from the town center and has been opreating since 1972.
The terminal covers an area of 7.000 square meters and two official parking possitions.
There is one RFFS station complies to category 7 (upgraded fro 6 eff 2018) and the reference aircraft (maximum able to operate) is Boeing Airbus A300.

Skiathos Airport is Designated Points of Entry-Exit


Telephone center: +30 24270-29100, Fax: 24270-24130, Telex: 295822 LGSK GR, AFTN: LGSKYTYX


Airport Operational Hours

Skiathos “Alexandros Papadiamantis” Airport Operating Hours (LGSK/JSI)
FROM 31/03/2019 till 31/05/2019
MONDAY -SUNDAY 0300-1900

FROM 01/06/2019 till 26/10/2019
FRI,SUN 0300-1930

Special Notes for Exceptions:
1. 0N 19/05/2019 SUN 0300-1930
2. ON 21/05/2019 TUE 0300-2000
3. ON 28/05/2019 TUE 0300-2000
4. ON 04/06/2019 TUE 0300-2000
5. ON 11/06/2019 TUE 0300-2000
6. ON 06/10/2019 SUN 0300-1900
7. ON 13/10/2019 SUN 0300-1900
8. ON 20/10/2019 SUN 0300-1900

Airport usage charges-AUC (Landing and parking fees effective 14/4/2017) under private operator Fraport Greece

[HISTORICAL DATA] Airport usage charges-AUC (Landing and parking fees till 14/4/2017 with State as operator)

(All information below is for aircraft and helicopters up to 5.7 tones. For charges over 5.7 tones contact local handling agent and/or HCAA)

AUCs are State fees, divided into Landing and Parking fees. They are imposed on flights that perform scheduled / non scheduled passenger and cargo flights, for the services of facilities provided during the take-off, landing and parking time of the
aircraft at all Greek state/municipal airports, with the exception of Athens International Airport “ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS” – LGAV

A reduction of 50% of landing and parking fees is applied from the 1st of October until the 31st of March of each year for all state/municipal airports with the exception of LGAV.

The category “Flights of Light Aircraft” comprises of private and light commercial aircraft of up to 5.7 tons (not including helicopters up to 5.7 tons and aircraft for agricultural applications), which remain at state/municipal airports of Greece for
a period of one year and are charged according to the Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) as follows:

In cases where an aircraft remains at state/municipal airports for a period under one year, the charges are calculated as: (Annual charge / 360) * (Number of layover days)

All owners must report officially to the airport where they wish to park their aircraft the layover period. At the same time, they must provide the airport authority with the relevant data concerning the ownership of the aircraft, their representatives and the Maximum Take-Off Weight in tons.
The AUCs are payable on the spot at the airport within the first two months of every year. The receipt of payment must be carried on board the aircraft for the entire year.

Source of Information provided below is Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and several aviation recourses-users of the airport. However we ask all visitor of this website to use the content as advisory and not for operational reasons since we are not an authorized organization from the relevant aviation authorities to provide official information.