Skiathos Airport

New warning signs at Skiathos airport

Today, Friday 22 July 2022 morning, after a recent incident with jetblast, Fraport Greece replaces the old signs with new more efficient and more clearly warning signs.
The most important think is written on the middle warning sign:


Since standing behind jetblast is not a hobby, the meaning is for SPOTTING! SO here in Greece, in SKIATHOS, we have the FIRST EVER official SPOTTING LOCATION in the country.

The new signs placed above the old, on one side (west side) of the runway only, and not on the east side, where the assigned backtrack turn is taking place.

Below you can find our first LIVE video on skiathoslandings YouTube channel.

The old signs were placed on both sides. Three signs west of the runway center line, and two placed east.

(West, or left as you see the runway) two of the three old warning signs

(West, or left as you see the runway) the third old warning sign

(East, or right as you see the runway) the two old warning signs

The old two signs on east (right) side as of 25 July 2022

Just for history warning signs placed on 13 October 2016 within Amaretto Snack Bar area with cooperation of (see this link)
The same signs on October 2016 during the last flight of that summer season. (see here)