Summer 2019

Thomas Cook “Repatriation” flights at Skiathos

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Here is a list of Thomas Cook UK scheduled flights at Skiathos, affected:


















And here is a list of “repatriation” flights (actual) on behalf of Thomas Cook UK

Below photos of some special guests at Skiathos airport during “repatriation” flights:

This NEOS Boeing 737-800 (EI-FLM Angry Birds livery) operated the first “repatriation” flight at Skiathos on Wednesday 25 September 2019. Flight NOS-8050 arrived ferry from Milan-Malpensa and departed as NOS-0512 to Bristol


Ellinair Airbus A319 SX-EMB landing at Skiathos as ELB456P from Athens, ferry, to operate flight ELB2112 to Manchester via Thessaloniki. Originally the flight was Thomas Cook TCX-1195 (25 September 2019).


After many years an MD-82 landed at Skiathos! DAT Airlines MD-82 OY-RUE. Thursday 26 September 2019, arrived ferry from London-Gatwick as AWC-1106 and departed as AWC-1107 back to London-Gatwick via Athens. Left behind something like 60 luggage due performance limitation.


Two Ellinair Airbus A319 together at Skiathos on Thursday 26 September 2019. First is SX-EMB arrived ferry from Thessaloniki as ELB-123P, and departed as ELB-1112 to Manchester via Thessaloniki. At the background SX-EMM arrives as ELB-456P from Athens and departed as ELB-3112 via Thessaloniki to London-Gatwick. Actually,many luggage from 25th DAT Airlines flight,were loaded on this flight.


On Saturday 28 September 2019 three Ryanair flights seen at Skiathos. Here is Boeing 737-800 EI-GXI arrived as RYR-004P from Newcastle and departed back to Newcastle via Thessaloniki as RYR-215.


One more Ryanair Boeing 737-800 at Skiathos on Saturday 28 September 2019 (EI-GJH). Arrived at RYR-006P from London-Gatwick and departed as RYR-213 back to Gatwick via Thessaloniki (replacement of flight TCX-1107).


A third Boeing 737-800 of Ryanair at Skiathos on Saturday 28 September 2019 (EI-GDM). Arrived as RYR-008P from Manchester and departed as RYR-213 to Thessaloniki/Manchester operating TCX-1195 cancelled flight of 27th.


A forth Ryanair flight, operated by the only Boeing 737-700 (EI-SEV) of the company, on Saturday 28 September 2019. Arrived as RYR-010P from East Midlands and departed back to East Midlands as RYR-986


Monday 30 September 2019, Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-GXI arrived at Skiathos ferry as RYR-085P from Palma de Mallorca and departed via Thessaloniki to Manchester as RYR-956


Titan Airways Airbus A320 (G-POWK) landing runway 01 at Skiathos on Tuesday 2 October 2019 from London-Gatwick ferry, as AWC-1194


Two Airbus A320 of Titan Airways at Skiathos on 2 October 2019. In front G-POWK arrived from Gatwick as AWC-1194. Departed as AWC-1195 back to Gatwick via Dubrovnik. At the background G-POWM arrived and returned to Gatwick also, operating former TCX-1106/1107 flight.


The last Ryanair flight at Skiathos on Sunday 6 October 2019, Boeing 737-800 EI-GJO. Arrived as RYR-1180P from London-Stanstend and departed as RYR-1181 to Kos and Gatwick after merge of flight TCX-1181 (Gatwick) and TCX-1481 (Manchester).


Skiathos departures information screen with four Ryanair flights!!!