Summer 2021

First flight from Netherlands for 2021!

Yes, finally the first flight from Netherlands arrived in Skiathos on 20 July 2021.

It was Transavia HV-1861 arrived from Amsterdam with Boeing 737-800 (PH-HSJ) and departed as HV-1861 back to Amsterdam via Mitilini.

Of course if we compare this late date of first flight with last year, 2020, with no flights from Netherlands at all, we may consider it as a positive result!

Rolling back the years we are publishing two photos of the “season start” on 2008. It was Monday 28 April 2008 with two flights from Amsterdam.

The first was Arkefly and the second was Transavia, both with Boeing 737-800.



















Even during recent years Arkefly used to open the season… Here is another video of 2019 with an Arkefly/TUI Netherlands Boeing 737-800 opening the season.