Skiathos new capacity for summer 2017

By 8 February 2017 No Comments

With the new apron in operation since last summer, the capacity of the airport for 2017 officially doubled.

According to published parking positions, till end of 2016, the capacity of the apron was two aircraft.

However the new apron, that activated during 2016 and the (positive) result of its operation was the minimized of delays to zero value.

The question mark here is how the operation and delay go with capacity of 4 aircraft.

Except the apron capacity, we are not sure the rest of facilities and capabilities are able to handle the upcoming situations…

On below photo you can see a day of summer 2016 with capacity of 2 aircraft!!!

The capacity for 2017 adjusted as follows (maximum values):

2x Boeing 757/Boeing 767/Airbus A310/ Airbus A300 (1)

1x Airbus A320 Family/Boeing 737 Family/MD80/MD90

1x Any turboprop (2)

(1) Those wide-body aircraft are able to operate at Skiathos but with some weight restrictions. As result since there are no A300 and A310 in service, at least by carriers may someday operate flights to Skiathos (except Qatar Amiri flight A310) the only possible wide-body aircraft you may see some day is B767. But all possible 767s with charter configuration are too heavy to operate at the island. So it looks impossible to see something of that category at Skiathos airport. But we hope…

(2) Not specified size, so can be up to C-130? Since the is traffic and demand for short term parking or medical flights. Generally the one turboprop stand is located at the old apron and it is dedicate to domestic operators (Olympic Air, Sky Express) for their flights with ATR42s and Dash-8.