Skiathos Airport

TUI Air named a Boeing 737 MAX 8, “Skiathos”

TUI Air brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 with registration G-TUMH named “Skiathos”. Unfortunately the plane is waiting at Boeing Field airport (KBFI/BFI) to be delivered to TUI Air, since the aircraft type is grounded after the Ethiopian crash a few months ago.

Boeing made all software updates and changes and now the airlines all around the world are waiting for the approval by regulatory authorities to resume flight operations for Boeing 737 MAX.
TUI Air “Skiathos” Boeing 737 MAX 8 (G-TUMH) made its first flight on 19 March 2019 with registration N1786B with call sign “BOEING-867”, from the assembly line factory Renton (RNT) to Boeing Field (BFI).

On 1 April 2019 one more test flight performed locally at Boeing Field (BFI) using once more call sign “BOEING-867”. Since then it’s parked at Boeing Field (BFI) waiting for the delivery flight.
The photo attached to this post is the G-TUMH “Skiathos” parked at Boeing Field (BFI) airport.

Special thanks to ©Xinyi Xu for the photo (Hope to see you in Skiathos soon…)

Stay tuned, much more will follow on this issue.

Aircraft details
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737 MAX 8
Serial Number/Line Number: 44602/7439
Engines: 2x CFMI LEAP-1B
HEX: 407739
Configuration: 189 passengers single economy
Aircraft name: Skiathos